• Programa de Política de Drogas (PPD)

Forced Migration from the Northern Triangle of Central America. Drivers and Experiences. Analytical report.

Forced migration from Central America is due to a series of socio-economic, political, and institutional factors, in many cases some combination of them. The individuals interviewed for this study referred to problems such as job insecurity and poverty, the effects of climate change as well as the low coverage and quality of public services. In addition, the migrant testimonies highlighted discrimination and violence against the LGBTQ population, domestic violence, child sexual abuse and, especially, violence by street gangs, criminal groups, and the state. Misgovernment, a notion that for many migrants sums up corruption, indifference, and abandonment, underlies the above conditions. This is, and should be, perhaps the most striking and worrying aspect of the endless exodus of Central American individuals and families.

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