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Episode 4: Sara, 46 years old & Roque, 51 years old, Honduras

Sara and her partner Roque, both small business owners, received gang threats for refusing to meet extortion demands and sell drugs out of his shop. 

Readers: Lisa Kirchbichler & Adam Isacson - Lisa Kirchbichler holds a Master’s degree in Latin American Studies from Utrecht University. For her thesis, she researched the self-organization of families in northern Honduras to find missing migrants. She now works in the coordination of support for refugees and asylum seekers in Munich. Adam Isacson holds an M.A. in International Relations from Yale University and leads the Defense Oversight Program of the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA). Since 2011, he has also focused on border security and has conducted extensive field research at the U.S.-Mexico and Mexico-Guatemala borders. He hosts WOLA’s podcast, Latin America Today. 

Duration: 18m 18s / © Music: "Bang Bang" (Tres Coronas) / © Photo: José Luis Manzo 

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